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 Raw clean edible bird's nest- This is edible bird nest harvested from ranches that has undergone cleaning processes such as sorting, soaking, picking of feathers and impurities, molding, drying, grading and packing. This also stipulates the quality and authenticity requirement for the raw edible bird nest from the perspectives of microbial load/contamination, nutritional content (protein, minerals, moisture) and contamination from heavy metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium and other metals under the control of Ministry of Health, Malaysia (Food Act 1985 and Food Regulation 1985) and residue (particularly nitrites (NO2) and nitrate).


*Pure clean for ready to cook- Free picking and cleaning.


*Product specifications.


Product name: Swiftlet Bird’s Nest.

Product code: 9554100180823.

Ingredient: Raw clean edible bird’s nest.

Country of origin: Malaysia.

Net Weight: 25g.

Dimension: Large Bowl Shape.

Grade: A 1.

Best before: 10/09/2011.

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